Measuring Your Walls

First off it's best to make sure you order enough wallpaper to complete your entire project.  This is because our orders are catering specifically to you, there is a possibility of a color variation if an order is placed at a later date.

Below is the easiest way to make your measurements.

 1: Measure the height of the wall or project area you wish to cover and then  round up to the closest roll size.  (If your wall is 9 feet high, round up to a 10 foot roll). This way you will avoid making extra breaks on a wall.

2: Measure the width of your wall or project space and divide that by 2 ( because the rolls come 2ft wide).  Then make sure to round up to the nearest whole number this will be the number of roll you'll need to order.  ( So If your wall is 13ft wide.  Divide by two to get 6.5.  Round up to 7 and order away).