How to Install


For Best Results:

  • Apply wallpaper to smooth walls painted with a high-quality paint in Flat, Semi-Gloss, or Gloss sheen.
  • Allow 30 days for newly painted walls to properly cure (add 3 additional days for low VOC paints).
  • Do not use on textured surfaces such as cinder block, brick, or any surface that is rough to the touch.
  • Install the wallpaper with 2 people.


  • Damp cloth or rag
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Pencil
  • Tape Measure
  • Squeegee
  • Razor blade 
  • Level 
  • Ladder

Installation (Time: 2-4 Hours):

  • Unroll the wallpaper and lay flat for 1-2 hours to reduce curling at the ends.
  • Remove outlets and covers on any wall you'll be installing wallpaper on.
  • Wipe walls clean with a cloth and warm water, making sure to reach the corners/edges of the wall.
    • If walls have an oily film, clean walls with warm water and mild soap. Do not use harsh chemicals when cleaning walls as it can impact the adhesive performance.
  • Allow walls to fully dry.
  • After walls are fully dry wipe again with microfiber cloth to remove any other dust or contaminate
  • Starting at the left side of your wall, place 2-3 pencil marks 24” from the edge of the wall. This will be your guide for placing the first roll.
  • With a level, verify that the pencil marks are vertical. If they are not truly vertical, your walls may be slightly out of square (it’s OK, this is common).
    • If your walls are not square, place a new pencil mark on the wall ~23” from the edge then using the level  continue making marks down the wall. This will be your new guide for the first roll.  You will likely need to trim a small piece of wallpaper from either the top or bottom edge.
  • Grab the top of your first roll and place in the top left corner of the wall.
  • Align the edge of the wallpaper with the wall and your pencil markings.
  • Have the second person hold the wallpaper firmly in place.
  • Peel back 4-6” of the wallpaper backing, fold it underneath the remaining wallpaper, and gently press the wallpaper onto the wall. Smooth out any imperfections by hand, starting in the middle and working outward.
  • Continue to pull down 4-6” of the backing and apply the wallpaper in small increments, smoothing out imperfections with squeegee. It can be helpful to have the second person hold the wallpaper straight and keep the backing out of the way.
  • If any bubbles or wrinkles form, smooth out along the way with squeegee or peel back and re-apply the wallpaper.
  • If you need to realign the wallpaper at any point, gently peel back the wallpaper and reposition it into the proper location. Do not allow the adhesive sides of the paper to touch.
  • Once the first sheet is in place, start again at the top with the next sheet.
  • Align the edges side-by-side without overlapping the sheets.
  • Apply the remaining wallpaper sheets, working in small increments, smoothing out imperfections along the way with your squeegee, and matching the edges side-by-side.
  • Trim the wallpaper around any fixtures (switches & outlets) with a sharp  razor blade.
  • Once all the wallpaper is installed, trim around the edges by firmly pressing the wallpaper into the corner of the wall/trim. Then gently run the razor blade along the corner, removing the excess wallpaper.
  • Reinstall all your outlets and covers.
  • And you're done! YEAH!