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Uniquely Wallpaper

Carbonated Bubbles Wallpaper

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  • Bubbles everywhere. Now won't this make for a fun look to any accent wall by a drinking fountain, soda machine or anywhere else for that matter. You know you need this peel and stick wallpaper.
  • All rolls are 2 feet wide 
  • Installs very easy its a great for a do it yourself project
  • It can be repositioned with ease if you make a blunder
  • You won't destroy your walls when you decide to remove it, plus you don't need any tools or steam to take it down
  • Printed in the USA using premier stock.
  • Printed with water based latex inks that means there are no harmful VOCs.
  • Quality Guaranteed, 100% we stand behind our products
  • Here's how Get the correct amount of peel and stick wall paper by following these measuring directions.