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Uniquely Wallpaper

Chrysanthemums Wallpaper

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  • These yellow chrysanthemums will surely brighten up your home.
  • Learn the best way to measure your walls so you know how much peel and stick wallpaper to order.
  • 2 foot  wide rolls in a few different lengths 4', 8', and 12' 
  • DIY Ready because it's easy to install and a breeze to reposition if you goof up.
  • It won't do any damage to your walls when you remove it 
  • No steam or special tools needed to remove it either.
  • We print it when you order in our shop in the USA 
  • We print with water based latex inks,  so there aren't any nasty VOCs.
  • Printed with the best materials and you in mind.
  • Remember that printed images don't always match what is on your screen