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Watercolor Unicorns Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Watercolor Unicorns Peel and Stick Wallpaper

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Does your little angel love unicorns? Here's an absolutely stunning peel and stick wallpaper pattern for them. Use it for their next birthday party, in their play room or even as an accent wall in their bedroom. The best part about it is that when the party's over or they grow out of the unicorn stage you simply peel it off your walls without the need for steam or any tools. 


  • Our peel and stick wallpaper is very easy to install and if you by chance make any sort of mistake on install (as far as alignment) just pull it off the wall and put it back up. 
  • Not only can you reposition it but when you're done with this pattern simply peel it off the wall without tool or a big mess. It's not going to wreck your walls. This makes it great for rental properties or apartments. 
  • We use only latex inks so there aren't any harmful outgassing from the inks and we print right here in the USA in our shop (it's not drop shipped) so we can control quality. 
  • We stand behind our product. 
  • How to measure your walls to determine how much wallpaper to order
  • Colors on your screen might not be an exact match to printed wallpaper.
  • Install on smooth or semi-smooth surfaces that are finished.
  • Keep in mind we are not able to take returns for your wallpaper order. The reason is that we treat every order as a custom order to keep costs low for you. We don't have a warehouse to store any products so we print when you order.
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